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The Yahoo!® group is primarily an email distribution group which allows getting information out to participating members quickly via email. Any email message sent to the group address is automatically sent out to all members of the group.
Participation in this group does not require having a Yahoo account; however, if you do have a Yahoo account, there are some additional options available to you, which are listed at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: Anyone can join the group, to receive the messages that go out, but
Effective 10/1/06, you must be a current FSC member to send messages.

To join the group: (a.k.a. subscribe)
Method 1 - Submit email address:

Option A: Click this link: Send request by email (opens/uses your existing email program)

Option B: Submit via this form:
Subscribe to frederickskiclub
You will get an email from Yahoo, which you must respond to, in order to confirm joining.

Method 2 - Get Yahoo! account:
Click this button:
It will open a new window, where you need to click the "Sign up now" link, then fill out the form and submit it. After that, you should receive further instructions from Yahoo.

To leave the group: (a.k.a. unsubscribe)
Click this link: Send UNsubscribe message

Yahoo member options:
If you have a Yahoo! member ID, you have the following additional options available to you:


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